Meet the Le Fam

My sweet little family. The littlest man of the house is Beckham, and he is just about the rottenest. He has about 17 different personalities at different times of the day, in true toddler fashion. He’s outgoing, smart, and sweet as ever. But stay far away if we are off of our nap schedule! He is a fierce mama’s boy, but squeals in excitement when he plays with daddy. He holds your hand when he’s sleepy and blows you kisses on the reg. His future wife is one lucky lady if I may say so myself! He is learning SO fast and I can hardly believe our “newborn” is already TWO! The big man of the house is Robert, and he’s pretty much the best ever. He takes care of us in so many ways, always putting us before himself. He is kind, patient, quick witted (insert eye roll here), and not to mention insanely good-lookin’. He really is the best daddy and husband, and we are so grateful! And I’m Jenny, the outnumbered lady of the house, and the one usually behind the camera. I work from home part time and spend my days making chicken nuggets, picking up toy cars and legos, and making memories with my babe. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I have always wanted to start a blog to document life; especially as time started flying at lightening speed, I wanted a space where I could jot down all the little details so I would never forget. I finally pulled the trigger on the big ole’ blog when I needed an outlet through the grief/trauma of losing my mom to a drunk driver. We’ve experienced a lot of loss as a family as 3 out of 4 of our parents passed relatively early in life. Fortunately, we have had each other through it all.

On this little corner of the internet, you’ll read about the grief rollercoaster we are on, along with all of the good times we experience as a family that I never want to forget!

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